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Isabel replied to Mallica's discussion The Energy Of Manifestation / Expectation Dynamic
"So beautifully said - this is very true.<3"
Apr 22
Isabel replied to Isabel's discussion Being friends first with a man?
"Dear Mallica, thanks a lot for your reply and advice! I appreciate it, and you're absolutely right - it's all about the energy behind it. Indeed, when I like someone, there is often the fear of being hurt or rejected - especially because I…"
Mar 7
Isabel posted a discussion

Being friends first with a man?

Dear everyone,after two previous relationships, that turned out to be not such good experiences, I had resolved to be friends first with a man before dating or starting a relationship. To get to know their character and personality a bit better first, and be more aware if there are any red flags. Now I'm wondering about the specific dynamic in such a "friendship". On the plus side, there are less expectations and it's easier to be authentic and get to know the other person. Honestly, whenever I…See More
Jan 17
Isabel replied to Mallica's discussion When tyranny becomes law
"Very well and nicely put, Mallica! Thanks for sharing <3"
Dec 31, 2021
MARIA replied to Mallica's discussion When tyranny becomes law
"Hi Mallica and everyone! When the pandemic first started and lockdowns were imposed, at first I was under the strange impression-and I don't know how to put it in words- that even the gates of heaven had been closed! I fought this feeling and…"
Dec 24, 2021
Mallica replied to Amrit's discussion Bye for now!
"Hallo Amrit, I wish you all the success and happiness in the Universe! :)"
Dec 20, 2021
Isabel replied to Amrit's discussion Bye for now!
"Bye, Amrit! All the best to you :) x"
Dec 6, 2021
Amrit posted a discussion

Bye for now!

Hi all,I joined this site at the tender age of 16. Now at the age of 29 I have decided I am leaving law of attraction and energy teachings behind, to live my life with nothing but love and god in my heart and mind to guide me.Whilst I believe and hope i have grown a lot throughout this time, I am personally questioning how much the law of attraction has actually helped me - for me I feel it has hindered me too, in the respect it has caused me to at times live inside of my head and always feel…See More
Nov 14, 2021
Hope replied to J K's discussion Other Women Ending Relationship
"I agree with Amrit. Yes, order Mallica's Sucess with Your Subconsious Mind.  I ordered it years ago and am still re-reading it right now."
Nov 5, 2021
Amrit replied to J K's discussion Other Women Ending Relationship
"Order mallicas book success with your subconscious mind - it really is life changing if you apply the teachings consistently :-) x"
Oct 7, 2021
Amrit replied to Amrit's discussion Help
"Hi Mallica You are of course as always 100% correct. He is making bad choices due to this money issue and I find it sad because I know the future he wants, but he is stuck. Me and him have been in contact and I can say that I am all in, I am a bit…"
Oct 7, 2021
J K replied to J K's discussion Other Women Ending Relationship
"Thank you for this. How can I change this subconscious program that I have? This pattern has ended every one of my relationships since I was a teenager (I'm now in my thirties).How can I change my beliefs around this in order to attract…"
Oct 7, 2021
Mallica replied to Amrit's discussion Help
"I feel a lot of empathy for people. The world today is fast and loaded with social media hype. A lot of young (and also not so young) people become victims of this brain washing, and get into unhealthy patterns and troubles."
Oct 7, 2021
Mallica replied to Amrit's discussion Help
"What I read from the energy is this - this man has a poor relationship with money. Excuse the metaphor, but its a real appropriate one. His relationship with money is unhealthy. And this energy manifests trouble, of course. Amrit - Have you tried…"
Oct 7, 2021
Mallica replied to Amrit's discussion Help
"When we are in a relationship - we cannot ignore the difficulties and pains of our loved one. This does not mean that you are obligated to solve every problem that comes his way. Having said this - in every relationship - at some point we have to…"
Oct 7, 2021

Law Of Attraction By Mallica : Welcome!

The Law of Attraction 

Manifest your dreams and desires :)

Law of attraction forum, law of attraction courses, law of attraction coaching, law of attraction advice.

Going through life as a spiritual being and enjoying the best that life has to offer, also materially - these are not contradicting aspirations. In fact, the human being with centered energy, and in alignment with the Good Energy of the Universum enjoys both, without even aspiring.

- Mallica

Welcome to the Law of Attraction community!

(Founded in 2009) We are now 11 years old! :D

The intention of this network is to provide a positive and safe platform for people seeking advice and help in their journey towards self-fulfillment.

We believe that every person seeking help or answers should be provided with correct information. As a member you can ask questions or for advice regarding the law of attraction, or personal issues in which you need support. One of our advisors will answer your question. Our advisors are carefully selected, and are people with empathy, knowledge and wisdom. They have undergone training before becoming advisors.

We have groups in which law of attraction courses and training programs are conducted in the areas of meditation, energy awareness and using the law of attraction effectively and optimally.

Law Of Attraction By Mallica : The Rules

Please note : This network is for personal self-development purposes only.

It is forbidden to pass on this advice onto other forums, groups or writing, both commercial and/or charitable.

* Members can ask questions, which will be answered by one of the advisors.

* You need not reveal your real identity, but do tell the advisor the whole truth about your situation, to receive optimum benefit from this service.

* Please bear in mind that our advisors are volunteers, they deserve friendliness and respect.

* Training programs are carried out in the Lotus groups.

* Training Programs are real-time. This means that once a program has begun, and once it has been conducted, no-one can join that group.
* If you have any queries or administrative questions, please contact Mallica.

Law of Attraction & Self Development : My Message

This is a network dedicated to the Law Of Attraction and self development, to help every person to reach their highest potential.

For 8 full years, we have run a free network - with success. A lot of members log in regularly and feel at home here. For this very reason, I have always maintained this network open and functional.

However, I am confronted with the issue of internet plagiarism. Many of my original ideas, concepts, texts, methods and approaches are being stolen. While I am certainly taking action against this theft of intellectual property, I am still thinking of a good solution to continue this good work without being ripped off.




Law Of Attraction Forum : New Members - A Few Guidelines

* While this is not compulsary, please do put in a picture in your profile. Every member of this network is unique and cherished in this space, and deserves a beautiful Avatar. It also says something about how you present yourself to the world. creative, be inspired! :)

* Please do not begin with shooting off private messages to Mallica. :) Explore the posts, this is good for orientation.

* Please post any question you may have on the forum.


The Energy Of Manifestation / Expectation Dynamic 39 Replies

Started by Mallica in Sample Title. Last reply by Isabel Apr 22.

Being friends first with a man? 2 Replies

Started by Isabel in Sample Title. Last reply by Isabel Mar 7.

When tyranny becomes law 4 Replies

Started by Mallica in Sample Title. Last reply by Isabel Dec 31, 2021.

Bye for now! 2 Replies

Started by Amrit in Sample Title. Last reply by Mallica Dec 20, 2021.

Other Women Ending Relationship 8 Replies

Started by J K in Sample Title. Last reply by Hope Nov 5, 2021.


Blog Posts

What are your thoughts on after-life and reincarnation?

Every now and then, this question comes back to my mind.

Generally, my take has been that there probably is some separation (or independence) of the spirit and body. People undergo out-of-body experiences, some can supposedly remember events of a past life (when put in a special kind of state), and in Eastern spiritual philosophy, the idea of reincarnation has been well-established (as far as I know).

It would be interesting to hear what your take is. Is consciousness (or…


Posted by Isabel on July 19, 2021 at 8:54am — 2 Comments

Happy To join

Hi guys,

I am happy to be finally a part of this network. I feel at home already! 

My story with Mallica actually goes a few years back ( little does she know! Haha).

A few years ago I lost the guy I loved. He simply turned his back on me. I was so in love and so passionate; I didn’t really realized how this could be my reward. I started looking for ways to get him back and came across Mallica’s post on the topic. Every word in that thread spoke to me and…


Posted by Tuji on April 15, 2017 at 7:30am — 4 Comments

My affirmations for my scm...yes, no, maybe so?

Okay, so I downloaded one of the sublimibal programs and it's interesting thus far. I have read (and continue to refer back to) the "ex back" book, and just feel that since I've also ordered and read "success with the subconscious mind" that the sublimibal program will help with my "monkey mind" and allow me to really focus on myself. The affirmations are all self-definitive and are along the lines of the "deservence" script. Every day is getting better for me, but again, silly monkey/busy mind… Continue

Posted by Lee on June 22, 2013 at 1:34pm — 5 Comments

My situation...If you're interested/can keep up the good spirit!

Hello! I'm going to try and keep this brief and believe that I won't be emotionally attached to writing this, but here's to KNOWING my situation will work (with my ex OR someone better)


We were set up in late February by mutual friends. They told me about him, and I said sure, and it was their intention for us to meet closer to a wedding that I am in (I'm the maid of honor, he's a guest/friend of the groom to be and his family) because they felt we would really hit it off.…


Posted by Lee on June 19, 2013 at 11:26am

Forgetting the "why" of success can set up failure

In the September issue of Fast Company there is a story about World Skyscraper Day (a day commemorating Louis Henri Sullivan, who started building high-rises in 19th century Chicago).

Interestingly, the article revealed that for many companies who have built their own towering landmarks, what should have been a sign of triumph turned out to be a harbinger of decline. For illustration, the article featured five companies who experienced significant financial decline following the… Continue

Posted by Federov100 on August 13, 2009 at 7:00pm — 11 Comments



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